2021: Dedicated dad to be 👶

couplegoals dadtobe Nov 04, 2020

We did it! This is the best time ever. There is no better time to start the family! 

Im great for all your gratulations. Stay tuned and be happy.

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ONDRAY LIVE: Surf Lunge Ibiza

I really love sunsets! Where ever I am! But ibiza is special for the sunsets. I love to play sunset DJ mix. Great deep house music with epic view.

This is one of them. Very friendly place called Surf House Ibiza - turned to Surf Lounge Ibiza - with totally different name now. But still great place to be!

Enjoy the music & sunset now!


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ONDRAY LIVE: With 2Unlimited, Snap!, East 17, Captain Jack, Milli Vanilli and Maxx

I'm always happy to be part of something special. This festival had great line up with the biggest stars of 90s. Eurodance festival in Czech republic with legendary 2Unlimited, Snap!, Milli Vanilli, East 17, Maxx and Captain Jack.

I had so much fun to be on the same line up and have a special Eurodance DJ mix for the Eurodance fans.

Enjoy the 90s music in the mix with amazing audiance.

I love 90s and Im always happy to do original things on the stage.

Here is the full video DJ set.


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ONDRAY LIVE: After Lana del Rey concert!

Its great to be on the stage after Lana del Rey - isn't it? 

Yeah - full moon afterparty with the great party people during the amazing summer 2017. 

Enjoy the vibe and amazing moon above the stage


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ONDRAY LIVE: From Freddies in Pikes Ibiza

World-famous Freddies has become home to some of the best and most memorable events on the island in recent years.

We’ve seen residencies from DJ Harvey, Nightmares On Wax, Artwork, Honey Dijon, one-off shows with guests such as Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Jamie xx, Robyn, Mark Ronson, The Black Madonna, Bicep, Denis Sulta, Ondray as well as inviting our good friends and island promoters to takeover including Rock Nights, Flash, Cosmic Pineapple and more.

 Lets feel the vibe of Pikes with my LIVE dj mix from Freddies. I love this place btw. Thx for having me.

Audio version here:

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ONDRAY LIVE: Closing the summer open air for Evropa 2 radio

Its always great to have friends on the stage! My honour to close the line up for the summer open air of leading radio station in Czech republic - Evropa 2.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the music and late night atmosphere. 


Audio version is here:


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SIGALALAND is a popular club set with which Sigala tours the world. Holder of several platinum albums in more than 10 countries, whose hits lead the charts in countries around the world, Sigala also prepared a show for his home crowd in London. ONDRAY was a guest performer at this incredible event.

 Sigala and Ondray first met in the Czech Republic during Evropa 2’s Music Awards ceremony. Sigala took home one award on the night, and Ondray was in the top 4 DJs nominated for the prize of Home DJ of the Year.

 Two years later, ONDRAY got invited to perform at the same event as Sigala and Hugel (another huge talent on the world DJ scene).

 He became the first Czech DJ ever to play in London’s famous nightclub, THE MINISTRY OF SOUND.

Play the video DJ set here: 


audio version here:

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Hï Ibiza: ONDRAY debut was a hit!


BODYWORKS has become one of the most popular nights of the 2019 season in Ibiza. It is hosted by HI IBIZA nightclub, which was voted the best nightclub in the world by DJ MAG. Originally conceived as the legendary club Space, this venue acquired a new owner and name, but it remains at number 1. Here, you can see the most in-demand DJ duo in the world, Camelphat, perform on a weekly basis. Along with the legendary DJ Fisher, these stars invite guests to perform with them every week in front of a packed HI club night.


ONDRAY had the honour of performing here as a guest in August 2019. He took the iconic Wild Corner stage by storm. Other artists to have performed here during the season included Fatboy Slim, Calvin Harris, MK, Idris Elba, and several other incredible names.

 As a result, ONDRAY appeared as part of the same line-up as his idols: Camelphat, Fisher, Nora En Pure, or BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard.

 ONDRAY became the first ever Czech DJ to perform in the...

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EVROPA 2 is the most popular commercial radio station in the Czech Republic. Every year, the station hosts its annual Music Awards. These are the most prestigious music awards in the Czech Republic.

 Listeners and fans vote for the winners of each individual categories. The awards are then given out during a live broadcast on Evropa 2’s airwaves, followed by an afterparty.

 For the last three years, ONDRAY was one of the top 4 nominees. This year, fans voted him the best DJ in the Czech Republic.


He picked up his award in the studio personally, and thanked all of the fans who voted for him.

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One of the hottest and most successful acts in the world, French duo Ofenbach, came to the Czech Republic. They sold out the biggest nightclub here, and ONDRAY was the support act for their iconic show.

Check the video warm up by ONDRAY.


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