ONDRAY LIVE: With 2Unlimited, Snap!, East 17, Captain Jack, Milli Vanilli and Maxx

2 unlimited 90s festival east 17 eurodance live dj mix maxx milli vanilli ondray ondraymusic snap Oct 15, 2020
Ondray play with 2Unlimited, Snap!, East 17, Captain Jack, Maxx, Milli Vanilli

I'm always happy to be part of something special. This festival had great line up with the biggest stars of 90s. Eurodance festival in Czech republic with legendary 2Unlimited, Snap!, Milli Vanilli, East 17, Maxx and Captain Jack.

I had so much fun to be on the same line up and have a special Eurodance DJ mix for the Eurodance fans.

Enjoy the 90s music in the mix with amazing audiance.

I love 90s and Im always happy to do original things on the stage.

Here is the full video DJ set.