Meduza Vs Anton Powers x Joe Stone - Do Me Right Piece Of Your Heart (Ondray Bootleg)

bootleg Mar 28, 2021

You ever eyed someone for a long moment during a party,

and you prance towards them,

as you flow to the music,

your eyes meet and all of a sudden,


you’re both in the same space.


Intensely, you thirst after the other’s warmth

You sway against each other sensually

your fingers at times lazily trailing down the other by the hip.


Then there's that addicting smell of warm salt 

mixing from each other’s skin.

You just dance together all night

as if there was no one else in the room.


No? Not even once?

Well I am willing to bet you will feel that on my latest bootleg.


The artists in it produced insanely alluring feats of music.


See for yourself!


Download it here or stream it below!