Justin Bieber feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon Vs Olympis X 2 Elements - Peaches (Ondray Bootleg)

bootleg Apr 23, 2021
Justin, Bieber,feat,Daniel,Caesar,Giveon,Vs,Olympis,2,Elements,Peaches,Ondray,Bootleg

“Hooo-Boy that’s SO chill!”


Was I right?


I am willing to bet that:

 you said the EXACT same phrase

when you listened to both artists’ most recent hits.


While you listened,


didn’t you imagine being back on a beach like in Ibiza?


laying down on a beach chair

having ice-cold drinks

bathing in the Summer Sun

and eating fruits.

You and your friends would be laughing at some dumb joke.


Look back on that moment.

Those days will return.

Try and remember it.


You need help?

Listen to my latest bootleg.


I guarantee you might not leave your bed or your couch for a while 😂


Hey, we are allowed to chill every now and then.


So go for it!

Download it here or stream it below!