Jefferson Airplane VS Redondo & Voost - Somebody Love Like You (Ondray Bootleg)

bootleg May 27, 2021
Jefferson, Airplane, VS, Redondo. &, Voost, Somebody, Love, Like, You, Ondray, Bootleg

Hear me out.


The nature of this bootleg you will hear relies a lot on the continuance of yesterday's music. The merging of two timelines.

Jefferson Airplane and the individuals that comprised it were nothing short of phenomenal especially in their hit "Somebody to Love."

You can interpret this as a love letter, an ode to their binding music that will forever be in our hearts.

And one of Redondo and Voost's hits "Love Like You" just magnificently elevates this. Like the waves that rush on the beach shore, the refreshing and eternal piano house music just smoothly occupies the melody from "Somebody to Love."

Hence, my latest house music bootleg "Somebody Love Like you." It just screams out that one idea powerfully:

The tradition of music is always to be progressive.

Try my latest house music  bootleg out!

Download it HERE or stream it below!